Helping companies across industries bring the next stage of Energy grids, Water management and Buildings’ efficiency.

We are Stage AI, a creative team of engineers located in the heart of Sofia. We pride ourselves on developing the unique and professional software solutions needed to analyse and evolve cities into smart systems.

What we do?
  • Data analytics
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Sensor integration
Who we bring value to?
  • Energy and water utilities
  • Industrial clients
  • Asset management
  • Cities/municipalities


Analytics platform for all of your meters, financial, weather and customer data, including predictions on individual consumption patterns and a user portal for billing and customer engagement.


Utilities platform for water management, asset monitoring and control, including all you need to manage end-consumer meter data as well as handle maintenance activities and cases of breakdown and failure.


Smart parking platform with a mobile user application for drivers and web applications for administrators, showing real-time data from deployed sensors for occupancy and predictive analytics on usage patterns.

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