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Things Every Day.

We are Stage AI.

Together we are building

a smarter future for Cities.

Our mission is to help the Cities of tomorrow evolve into Smart Systems and solve all the tricky problems that arise along the way.

Our vision is to combine System science and Data science through both Simulation and Machine learning methods to better understand the Energy , Water and Transportation networks that hold a city together.

Our way is having a great team where everyone is dedicated to learning constantly and challenging the limits of what has been done and what is possible.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our team works wonders

Bozhidar Georgiev

CEO / Co-Founder

Kiril Vladimirov

CTO / Team Lead

Victoria Hristova-Vladimirova

CTO / Data Scientist

Plamen Penev

Project Manager / Data Scientist

Ivan Dimitrov

Software Developer

Emiliyan Markov

Software Developer

Adriana Alexandrova

Software Developer

Boyan Donchev

Software Developer

Mark Andonov

Data Scientist

Hristo Hristov

Software Developer

Career Opportunities

At Stage AI, every day offers an exciting new challenge. If your passion is writing world's best practices clean code - give us a call. We provide a work environment that enables the personal growth of all and we strive to always recognize the contributions of every team member.

Software Developer
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