Energy Management

The main pillars of our energy analytics solution are the energy management platform and the customer engagement application. The energy management platform consists of predictive and financial data modules and monitoring and reporting functionalities.

  • Meter data processing
  • Predictive modelling on consumption
  • Energy markets data and news
  • Preprocessing of consumption data
  • Smart meters integration
  • Clustering analysis for customer segmentation
  • Weather data
  • Tariffs engine

Product Details

Analytics and Modelling

Our analytics platform gives you the ability to have all your meter data analyzed and modeled for better consumption prediction across groups of individual and corporate clients.
It has customizable dashboards for following only critical metrics from energy markets, weather data and news, as well as measuring and classifying customers based on predicted consumption. This ability allows energy retailers to apply smarter tarriff customization for their clients.

Network analysis and Simulation module

Our energy management system allows energy companies with generation capabilities to analyze all their assets as a network and gain insights into operational inefficiencies. The ability to prepare for disaster scenarios as well as evaluate the introduction of renewable technology into a client’s building are both supported by our simulations module. Both energy analysts and sales people can easily create and run simulations to answer their analytics questions.

Customer portal and Engagement

Our customer serving portal can be used by utility companies to send invoices and information on scheduled activities to their users. Here the consumers could view their own data and consumption patterns and even receive recommendations based on their behaviour.

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