One of the main parts of the evolution of cities into Smart Systems is the transport network and especially its parking sub-system. Our spectrum of products involves the Smart Parking suite of applications as well as other mobile apps aimed to make the transport system more connected and better organized.


  • Citizens mobile app
  • Controllers’ application
  • Usage patterns analysis
  • Real-time occupancy data
  • Plate-recognition functionality
  • Admin dashboards

Product Details

Mobile application

The sensors, deployed on each parking space in a parking zone, send a signal showing whether or not a spot is occupied, giving drivers a much faster route to an vacant parking space. Based on occupancy patterns we provide our users with a prediction. Taking into account current location and desired end-location for parking and arrival time we predict the availability of that parking space and, if necessary, point to another one.

Administration of parking areas

The controlling units that are required to go around and verify paid spots have a limited amount of time and a lot of ground to cover. That is why we developed a mobile aplication that sends notofications to the controllers’ tablets about which spots have just been taken and require validation of their payment by SMS or card. To speed up the process of validation we have also added plate recognition capabilities to ease the work of the people on the ground.

Analysis and Performance

The Admin web application allows administrators to view all of their payments, the performance of their employees and the productivity of each individual spot in their car park. The ability to customize a dashboard with all the important metrics of your system, financial or operational is also available in our web platform together with other analysis tools for better management of a Smart parking system.

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