Water Management

Our water management solution gives you the ability to predict consumption patterns, catch breakdown and failure early on. Gain a full picture of your operations and assets, simulate disaster scenarios and handle all maintenance activities all in one place.

  • Asset monitoring and control
  • Breakdown and maintenance activities
  • SCADA integration
  • Sensor integration
  • End-user consumption predictions
  • Alerts and notifications
  • GIS for water utilities
  • Industrial controller integration

Product Details

Analytics and Predictions

We give you the ability to analyze all data points across a network of assets for water utilities. Visualize and understand the patterns of consumption and operations of all your stations and reservoirs. Get predictive analysis on end-consumer data.

Breakdown detection and Maintenance

Maintenance and breakdown activities can all be managed through our platform. Based on the data provided by sensors, thresholds can be created for alerts to inform specific users.
Based on historical data and the full hydrological model of the network of assets we train algorithms to assist Operations Managers and help them discover threats early on.

Customer portal and Engagement

Our customer serving portal can be used by utilities to send their users invoices as well as information on scheduled activities. Here the consumers could view their own data and patterns of consumption and even receive recommendations based on their behaviour.

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